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Hello everyone.

It is evident that throughout the past week hasn't been the most enjoyable over on ReignMC and due to this, we haven't had much players and as a result we have not been able to keep up with server costs.

We don't plan to shut-down as a result of this.

After some contemplation, we've decided to head towards a relaunch of ReignMC. What this means is that from the first of March, 2017, ReignMC will be temporarily closed. During this period, we aim to change many features of ReignMC and finish many others so that we are able to provide a finished enjoyable experience to our players. We realise that some of our errors were launching with an unstable economy and also unfinished plugins that ultimately deteriorated the experience. We aim to fix all of this for our next launch and also implement many other - completed - plugins. We'll definitely be taking advantage of this time to add some nice touches to the server and perfect it.

We're considering doing...
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Why hello everyone!

It's been a while since we've released an update, and boy have we got an update to share! Within this update we'll be introducing a number of custom plugins created by our fantastic developer, Lidle (thanks!)
Please note that due to the new-nature of these plugins, it is likely that some bugs will be encountered with their release. Although we've already fixed many of their bugs, we've probably missed a few pesky ones. If any bugs are found, please report them on our forums.

Let's begin with exploring our new update!

  • Prices drastically reduced
  • Important Notice: We've been unable to reach our donation goal of the previous month. If we continue to be unable to reach our goal, then we may struggle to keep ReignMC up and running. All donations will now be focussed on improving, maintaining, and managing ReignMC. If you would like to support...
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Hey everyone! :)

It may have come to your attention that we have not released an update for a longer interval than previously. We've done this because we'd like to feature unique (custom) additions within our upcoming update to plenty more enjoyable experiences to ReignMC. We are aware that some are not having prolonged fun sessions within the server and we'd like to set out to change this. It is for this reason that we are asking you guys to tell us everything you think ReignMC could improve in, and what we should adjust / implement.

We'd like to also note that we are considering updating the version that the server presently operates on (1.8.8) to accommodate Minecraft's own fresh experiences and to achieve more freedom in development for the server.

The purpose of this thread is to highlight the fact that we're in the process of creating and finalising some custom projects for the server to ensure that ReignMC has a more exclusive stance in the world of Factions....
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As of 11:30PM GMT+0 / 6:30PM EST Update 3.0 is now live. Patch notes are listed below.


  • [New] Renamed 'Media Applications' category to 'Other Applications'
  • [New] Added front-end applications.
  • Removed Crate keys from Voting rewards
  • Crate keys are now given with a chance-based system. The chances are quite high to compensate the fact that it is no longer given 100% of the time.
  • Lucky votes percentages have been readjusted.
  • A few selected lucky votes have been readjusted.
  • Implemented Staff ranks.
  • Implemented Media ranks.
  • Administrative vote-logger has been tweaked.
  • Readjusted crate reward percentages.


  • Removed snow-effects.
  • Replaced...