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As of 11:30PM GMT+0 / 6:30PM EST Update 3.0 is now live. Patch notes are listed below.


  • [New] Renamed 'Media Applications' category to 'Other Applications'
  • [New] Added front-end applications.
  • Removed Crate keys from Voting rewards
  • Crate keys are now given with a chance-based system. The chances are quite high to compensate the fact that it is no longer given 100% of the time.
  • Lucky votes percentages have been readjusted.
  • A few selected lucky votes have been readjusted.
  • Implemented Staff ranks.
  • Implemented Media ranks.
  • Administrative vote-logger has been tweaked.
  • Readjusted crate reward percentages.


  • Removed snow-effects.
  • Replaced...
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Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year: we've entered a new era in the 21st century. Though we launched just over a week ago, we're honored to have met many great individuals. We thank you all for all the support you've given us and we hope for a fantastic year to come for ReignMC and each one of you.

We couldn't have just made a thread to purely wish for a great year. That's right! We've got an update to share.

As of 10:00PM GMT+0 / 5:00PM EST Patch 2.5 is live. Below is a full list of patches:


  • [New] Players that are marked as AFK do not progress in their time on /ar check. Players are marked as AFK after 5 minutes of being idle in-game.
  • Readjusted a few selected /shop buy and sell prices
  • Fixed chests / locked chests not opening at times in enemy territory.
  • Fixed some skulls being given excessively, though...
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As of 5:30PM GMT+0 / 12:30PM EST Patch 2.0 is live. Below is a full list of patches and additions.


  • Readjusted /shop buy and sell prices
  • Fixed some faulty vote messages.
  • Adjusted coins awarded for Mob Hunt.
  • Server auto-message time interval increased.
  • Ping volume for auto-message reduced.
  • Fixed Ocelot head being given upon slaying a zombie Pigman.
  • Spawn rates for monsters and animals readjusted.
  • End Crystals being faulty and not breaking at times fixed.
  • Enderdragon's health slightly increased.
  • Minor issues with Mob Hunt fixed.
  • Increased server difficulty level.
  • A few more performance-related tweaks made.
  • /rewards updated
  • Removed XP from /vote...
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As of 5:15PM GMT+0 / 12:15PM EST Update 1.5 Is now live. Below is a full list of changes.


  • Fixed explosions affecting the outer-spawn area.
  • Included a well built Anti-Cheat plugin to identify hackers efficiently.
  • Increased /wild cooldown to 24 hours.
  • Fixed hover text for 'balance' on /f show (/f who)
  • Fixed Faction bank numerals.
  • Fixed some voting rewards not being given
  • Nether portals not fully breaking when destroying them is fixed.
  • Temporarily disabled the 'FastCraft' feature given to the rank 'King'.
  • Temporarily fixed /craft not working for 'Hero'+ by using /virtual w
  • Shop buy and sell prices readjusted. Please do note that it may take a few updates to completely stabilize shop prices.
  • Removed 'Tools' and...